Decided to do a late night update for those of you kind enough to read the earlier two blogs about ‘He’ my son who has vanished courtesy of Cornwall Children’s Dept. Thanks for all your messages of support and disbelief, I am glad it is not just I who is left speechless at Cornwall’s actions.
It is nearly 11pm and I am still none the wiser. ‘He’ is ? With whom? Doing what? Perhaps he has a migraine? Worse fizzing brain just waiting to experience a seizure? I don’t know because I still don’t know where he is or who is with him. Cornwall have made him vanish. I as his mum are not allowed to know where he is, why? No one has told me.
He still has no medication so who knows what state he will be in tomorrow. And as for myself and his brother? We sit here numb barely believing that here in 2012 in Cornwall youngsters can vanish and no one appears to care. Tonight I have officially recorded with Cornwall Director Children’s Services, Child Protection, County Councillors and OFSTED my serious concerns for a vulnerable youngster alone without medication and support. Perhaps he will be ok? But what if he’s not? Can you be sure? I can’t.
What do we need? A miracle I guess but an empathetic Human Rights, Disability Lawyer with capacity, empathy and passion plus a Journalist who is brave enough to take on a story that gets quite painful at times, but it’s a story that needs telling because ‘He’ is far from alone.

Part I

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  1. Tracey says:

    I am just sickened by this. I can’t imagine how horrific this must be for you.

    There was someone in our local shopping centre today asking if we needed any help with lawyers so I asked her if she knew of anywhere that may be able to help find a good, caring human right lawyer in Cornwall.
    The number she gave me is freephone and based in xxxxxx but she is sure they will be able to help you. Call xxxx xxxx and if you could say that xxxx fromxxxxx suggested them. Hope this helps or someone can help
    Hugs and good thoughts for you all

  2. ezy says:

    Hi, i am so sorry to hear that you are still none the wiser! ; (
    If we can help at all let us know! Much love and hugs! X ezy

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