I apologise, it was very careless of me not to fully think through your previous response. Where conditions are well known to be predictably hereditary then of course serious discussion and perhaps counselling is a responsible course of action.

The specific difference with autism is two-fold; firstly condition is more accurately a heterogeneous range of symptoms or behaviours rather than a point mutation and secondly the term (autism, ASD) is merely collection of these symptoms and behaviours by diagnostic academics in an attempt to label those experiencing them. It’s less than 50 years since the scientific community labelled “severe” autism as childhood schizophrenia; since then the understanding has altered these assumptions and others with similar causes and expressions. Perhaps in the next 50 years (probably much less) we will have a much better understanding of the genetics, contributory factors and potential targeted treatments. Hopefully we will appreciate the some of benefits much sooner (as a society).

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