‘He’ the saga continues.

I think I may have landed on another planet? That or the world has been taken over by craziness third option is I have gone mad. Maybe after reading this some kind soul may tell me? Perhaps I am over reacting?

‘He’ has been successfully placed in a bed and breakfast, by a kindly PSCO. Had it not been for him and his concerns over a disabled lad abandoned in a system of red tape and admin, who knows what today would have brought.  I have made 5 calls to Social Services but as per usual, no information and no call backs. No one wants to talk to family.

Let’s look at the facts it’s often the best way

  • 16yrs old
  • Epileptic, Autistic
  • Alone in bed breakfast
  • Bag of food courtesy of charity
  • No money
  • No medication
  • Destination unknown (parents aren’t allowed to know)
  • No advocate or autism trained professional

Whatever the reasons, whatever the circumstances whatever the age, vulnerable is vulnerable, disabled is disabled. How does it make sense for a ‘child’ meant to be in full time education to be alone uncared for in a bed and breakfast miles away from those who love him?

How does it make sense for a Social Worker not to communicate with parents or listen to their side of the story? How can this happen in 2012 in Cornwall? How can a 16yr old autistic youngster needing 24hr care be left alone without even his medication?

‘He’ wherever he is, is there not because he wants to be, but because no one understands who he is and how they can help. What do parents know? Autism Act? Autism legislation?  Phah I don’t see any evidence of any autism awareness within Cornwall Children’s department.

But he’s 16yrs old remember that makes all the difference.

Surely this isn’t right? Is it?

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  1. you need public law solicitor to challenge b&b provision. had a case similar back in 2010, which changed the leaving care act twice in high court of appeal.

    I have been out of young peoples services for some time, so uncertain exactly if this contact is still valid. good luck….

    go to:- http://www.maxwellgillott.com/ostuddert_profile.htm. my client was the A. v Lambeth case, Oliver Studdert, was acting solicitor. He has staunch commitment to asserting & defending the rights of children and young people. Oliver runs the public law dept in London, but also acts for children all over the country, who don’t get the service they should via social services.

    Contact details:

    Tel: 0844 858 3415 / 0207 754 5615
    Fax: 0844 858 3899
    Email: oliver.studdert@mglaw.co.uk

    Hope this helps – good luck

  2. Leigh Forbes says:

    I am speechless (but for the profanities in my head).
    I shall retweet. It is all I can do.

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