I like the idea of a blog, I can write whatever I think and feel right?  This is a short blog, it is the story of my son. I won’t take up too much of your time. It should come with a warning but it doesn’t because it’s true. ‘He’ (pointless naming him) he has been largely ignored and invisible all his life so nameless is pretty appropriate.

He was born a healthy baby but 3 weeks later things took a near fatal turn for the worse when he succumbed to Meningococcal Septicaemia which nearly took his life. There for the grace of God go we all. Having brothers and sisters on the autism spectrum it soon became evident he was no difference. However we could never be sure until he got older as to how the damage of the MS and the impact of autism would be.

Challenging was an understatement. Always a handful and he rarely slept. Didn’t take long before he was officially diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. Nursery schools, pre schools and assessment units took time to care for his individual needs which as he became older became more evident. MS had left him with a damaged speech centre and epilepsy.

Life changed when a new Head Teacher of the local Primary rolled into town. With a cocked hat, set of spurs and a zero tolerance attitude he took control.  This sent my son into regular meltdowns. School had a zero tolerance of meltdowns too.

Sorry said I wouldn’t bore you.  ‘He’ was from that moment on punished for exhibiting his core deficits, excluded, restrained, head-locked, arm locked, dragged around a corridor by his ear by the HT. ‘He’ was excluded, expelled, illegally managed moved overnight, threatened, discriminated against and totally failed by professionals all around him. He was essentially an outcast from society and for years went without education. Did I try and get justice? How about Police, Disability Discrimination, Child Protection, Social Services, MP not to mention attempting to contact those in high about the atrocities going on to ‘HE’.

Did anyone listen? No. Did anyone do anything? Yes. What did they do? Swept it under the carpet.  ‘He’ ends up with a life in tatters and never able to recover. Head Teacher ends up still teaching not too many miles away nicely protected by ‘Academy Status’.  This HT hasn’t just bullied ‘he’, he has upset his neighbours too by the sound of it, ending up with a broken jaw. Ouch.

Then into his secondary a couple of years later,came another new HT zero tolerance, army boots on and set in ways. Then it all went wrong again. And today he is without education, without support, without services and being allowed to stray into bad company and bad ways. Does anyone care? Obviously not.

Today, yes today, I called a Social Worker, been trying for 16yrs to get this boy some help but to no avail.  She has no autism training or awareness she admits to it. She said she would get her supervisor to ring she hasn’t. She says a disabled autistic boy can make his own mind up and therefore if he doesn’t want help, so be it. She said that to me his mother who is just trying to keep ‘him’ alive. But he blames me, he has no one else to blame except me. Everyone else abandoned ship long time ago. His Dad at the age of 53yrs old still lives home with mummy and has no sense of responsibility for himself let alone ‘he’.

‘He’ has and continues to be totally let down by everyone around him. I need a Human Rights Lawyer. No one seems to want to help me or ‘he’. If anyone reading this has per chance a set of wings on their back and a very warm reassuring halo, please get in touch. I don’t know what to do but I know I want justice for ‘he’ who has been forgotten.

Part II

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  1. Anna says:

    Dearest Debi,

    perhaps you can remember me? We exchanged a lot of mails and you have been so helpful to me in regards of my grandson.

    I always admired your strength, your knowledge and your support for others and it makes me terribly sad to read your son’s story and what you both have been going through.

    Please try to reach out for public: call for help in the press or on television…there MUST be some help out there.

    I really wished I could be of some help for you and your beloved son


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