Thanks to my loyal friend Temazepam I had a wonderful night’s sleep last night, not that the ATOS Dr would care. When he asked me if I had trouble sleeping and I proudly produced my ‘evidence’ box of Temazepam with prescription (which presumably means yes I have problems which is why I am on these!), he without hesitation replied ‘ Good you don’t have sleeping problems now then ….ticking the nil points box! But hey ATOS is another blog and I will I promise get around to that too.
What a great night’s sleep does is produce ‘bubbles’ in my brain. I liken them to surges of inspiration, they may only last a second and pass by in a milisecond wiping them from my memory at the same time but sometimes my memory safety net catches them and then processes it. Today is a the day for a trapped bubbles! I have trapped 2 and this blog is the first one. When you read on please remember my special gift is being able to ‘see’ ‘feel’ patterns and I piece systems together like a jigsaw. I can see the shapes and where they fit or don’t fit together. It is an amazing gift BUT it comes with a massive price. That price is ‘prediction’. How would you cope with ‘seeing in your mind’s eye’ a disaster of epic proportions BEFORE it happens? No one believes you! It’s like the grim reaper regularly communicates with me (no don’t call the men in white coats, hear me out please, read on). I don’t ‘see’ individual incidents, car crashes and the like thank goodness. I see ‘system’ patterns.
Twitter is a wonderful forum to get the news as it is happening. Texting the world is a powerful and effective tool to use.. I have met some amazing wonderful campaigners and folk that genuinely care about others. It has been a bit of a revelation to me.
Whilst we are all tweeting, facebooking, talking and campaigning about the horrific changes in #WRB #NHS #DLA that this Government (unelected I may add) are trying to implement, I worry that one issue that is of major important is being bypassed. As I have become one of the #Twitterati I have begun to see a ‘pattern’ emerging and it is one I feel I want to share with as many people as possible. I don’t want to scaremonger or frighten anyone, that is not my intention.
Thousands of miles away in the USA, there is a small group of people sitting around a table quietly changing many people’s lives. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) are as I type re writing the Diagnostic Criteria for many Mental Disorders. These changes will have far reaching consequences if implemented. It is not the UK Government that we should perhaps be focusing on for our future, it is the USA. Why you ask yourselves? What can a merry band of American shrinks do to us in the UK? Let’s explore and make it simple!
DSM5 WILL (if allowed to go ahead) will eradicate many diagnosis making access to support and benefits nigh on impossible. Clinicians here in the UK use the diagnostic criteria in both DSM and ICD10 but who uses what and when is a lottery. As a patient without asking you will have no way of knowing.
So yes we should worry and campaign about Welfare Reform and NHS as many of us next year will not be eligible to DLA and many probably including me find themselves homeless and abandoned in a society that doesn’t care, disposable disabled. However imagine what it will be like for the rest who perhaps ARE entitled to benefit BUT due to the changes in DSM those go too! Has anyone thought of that?
There is huge opposition in the UK and the USA amongst many experts in Mental Health and Autism including the British Psychological Association who are currently campaigning and have a petition please click here and sign . The campaigns and objections are only now just being heard. May 2013 is not that far away. If we don’t all act now and get our voices heard it will be too late. New legislation and new criteria have a habit of sneaking up on us without any of us being aware. I am hoping to be just a small part of the process in trying to bring awareness to the dangers that lie ahead if DSM5 is allowed to be published. Once it is, that’s it, it’s here to stay. DSM5 could impact many generations to come and cause untold pain, damage and cruelty. PLEASE BE AWARE. SPREAD THE WORD. DON’T ALLOW DSM5 TO IMPACT YOUR LIFE AND THAT OF YOUR FAMILY.

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